You are the righteous and corpulent Sir Eatsalot. Sally forth on an epic quest to track down Hysterica, a mean old sorceress who has poisoned Gluttington Kingdom with sour lemonade and put an end to her shenanigans in this mouthwatering adventure platformer. Sir Eatsalot takes full advantage of hardware features, like touch screen or the gyro sensor. Players can look forward to a comical voyage through a cartoonish world with funky characters and a detailed level design with beautifully hand-drawn graphics.



  • Interactive and varied gameplay through full use of different hardware features
  • Humorous adventure in a silly cartoon world full of sweets and other delectables
  • Immersive and detailed level design with hand-drawn graphics
  • Interact with the game world to discover more quirky characters
  • Collect over 20 stickers to learn more about the world of Sir Eatsalot


Sir Eatsalot - Nintendo Switch Announcement TeaserYouTube

Sir Eatsalot - Nintendo Switch Gameplay TrailerYouTube

Sir Eatsalot - PS Vita Gameplay TrailerYouTube


Sir Eatsalot Credits

Programmer, Behind The Stone
Monika Rider
Artist, Behind The Stone